Noah Suppin is a senior creative in a long-term partnership with visual design, but lately he’s been flirting with UI design.

Jealousy isn’t an issue.



Brooklyn Public Library - Senior Designer


The Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is the public library system of the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City. It is the fifth largest public library system in the United States. In Fiscal Year 2009, Brooklyn Public Library had the highest program attendance of any public library system in the United States.

As a Senior Designer in Brooklyn Public Library’s marketing department, I conceptualized and designed graphic assets, print collateral, corporate identity and digital materials for the 60-branch library system. Major projects have included the annual high-profile events, the Gala and Brooklyn Classic; development of new brand strategies; redesign of and ongoing maintenance of multiple social media identities; and development of main website Redesign.

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Kurator: The Fun Way to Art


The Challenge:

Social Media, word-of-mouth and traditional advertising provide a way that people interested in art can discover new exhibitions, gallery shows and art events. We have observed that these products are fragmented and not meeting goals (people are missing shows, not being able to keep track everything going on, no chance for discovery, etc). How can we help people be more aware of exhibitions, gallery shows, museum-centric events (gallery lectures, film screenings) and miscellaneous art events (open studios, art fests, outdoor installations, art crawls, etc.), not miss out on the things that they are interested in and have a chance to discover new ones.

The Solution:

Kurator is your artistic and cultured friend who knows about all the great art events going on in your city. Kurator gives you specific information about museum exhibitions, gallery openings, art crawls, open studios, miscellaneous art events AND provides suggestions based on your preferences. Now not only will you never miss out on a show, but you will DISCOVER artists and new places that you wouldn’t have before.


Visual Design, Art Direction, UI & UX by Noah Suppin
Mentorship by Jessica Greco

Created during the General Assembly User Experience Design program




The Challenge:

TV Writers Matt Morgan and Ian Sobel (12 Monkeys, From Dusk ‘Till Dawn) were pitching networks about an idea for a drama about a dating app that starts to take over the lives of its users in mysterious ways. They approached me about creating mock-ups for UI of the hypothetical app to use as a guide in their pitch meetings. I agreed on two conditions: first, that they let me design realistic functionality for the app, because raw UI screens are just pretty pictures; and second, that they give me the time to map out an entire brand story and identity system for the app. Often, brand identity considerations for digital products are an afterthought to the actual design of the app, but it’s my philosophy that they need to work in tandem. Copy, visuals, animations, interactions, et cetera all need to work in concert and take inspiration from a single brand story.

The Solution:

Tappd is a sleek and sophisticated hookup app that exudes seductiveness at every level; from the minimal UI and branding to the straight-forward user flows that don’t get in the way of a user’s end goal to “Tap in, Hang out and Hook Up”.


RPM Vinyl Culture


RPM Vinyl Culture is a journal for record collectors to serve as a beautiful and tactile complement to their physical collection.

Art Direction & Design by Noah Suppin

Typefaces Used:
Trade Gothic Condensed




Vitalita Energy Elixir


Vitalita Energy Elixir is an energy drink for sophisticated women age 25 – 45. 

While most energy drinks and diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners and hard-to-pronounce chemicals to provide their pick-me-up, Vitalita is formulated with all-natural ingredients for the busy and health-conscious woman-on-the-go.


Digital Design

Digital marketing campaigns for Avion and Teri Jon.




Our Streets, Our Stories

OUR STREETS, OUR STORIES is a project of the Brooklyn Public Library's Department of Outreach Services that seeks to explore the Brooklyn that is and was, from the words of the community that lives here. 

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud here